Is there any hope?

Jesus Christ assured us that we can live in a world that fulfills our deepest longings.  For he taught that God loves this world he has created, even though it has veered off its intended path.  More than that, he said that God has always planned to set this world back on course.

So how will God do it? It should be obvious that solving this problem must involve justice.  God is good.  So if people wrong others, they will have to answer for that.  But then, that means all of us will be brought to justice in some degree, since we have all wronged others.  Worse still, we have all wronged God.

But is ultimate justice a good thing? Yes.  For there would be no real hope without it.  Justice is as essential to a real hope for this world as laws and judges are to the peace of a city.  Imagine the Super Bowl being played without sidelines or referees.  Our wrongs are not like a fistful of balloons that a child releases into the air and never sees again.  We will have to answer for them.  And this is a good thing.  For if our thoughts and actions don’t matter in the end, then we don’t matter.

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