So what can be done?

Well, it’s clear there really isn’t much any of us can do.  Most of us can’t even keep a diet or quit an annoying habit.  So we certainly don’t have the ability in ourselves to overcome this powerful law of human nature.  And even if we could change a little, it wouldn’t undo our past wrongs and their consequences.

What does this mean for you? It means you can only look to God.  He alone can forgive us our past wrongs and give us a new kind of life.  And since this new life is something that is given, it’s not something you earn.  You are bankrupt, so to speak, and your current life needs to be foreclosed.  All you can do is look to God and trust him to honor his promise: “…whoever believes… shall have eternal life.”

And how does this relate to Jesus Christ? God came down to this world in the flesh at a definite point in history and lived in this world just as you and I do now.  But even though he lived perfectly and wronged no one, he was rejected and executed.  Was this an unexpected tragedy?  No.  The Son of God loved this world and freely gave his life as payment for the wrongs we have all done.  On that basis alone God is able to forgive everyone who comes to him by faith and asks for this new and eternal life.

But can you be certain about this? Yes, because Jesus rose from the dead!  Christ’s resurrection has revealed that death is not the finish line of our existence.  There’s an eternal life, an actual world of ultimate love, happiness, peace, goodness, and justice.  More importantly, his resurrection assures us that God will answer injustice.  It is a kind of pledge that he will one day set right all wrongs.  Therefore the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only hope for us and our world.

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